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Lethbridge Motorhome Rentals - A standard caravan is usually described by contemporary dictionaries as a living quarters in a camper. Another meaning also utilized for the camper is a traveling recreational vehicle outfitted for camping whilst out on the road. Some of the initial campers were utilized as the family vehicle or home base while others were employed as a sort of base of operation for artists which can travel and find interested buyers of their crafts.

The iconic covered wagon during the mid-1700's played a really huge part in helping European pioneers discover and settle the big North American continent and will be an indication of the campers to be developed. These wagons would be cleverly made to transport individuals, general equipment, kitchen supplies and offer a living area too.

During early 1800's France, the first campers looked more like wagons and usually were used as lodging rather than just carting goods and individuals about. European show people, circus acts and gypsies were normally utilizing the caravan in the 1820s and onward then again, it was only the gypsies who started living inside the campers, known as 'vardos', from around the 1850's.

Though many roads were usually unpaved and undeveloped, and facilities for camping were not yet established, RV camping clubs were created all around America and Canada during the 1920s. These early styles of motorhome were built mostly on the frames of trucks and sometimes cars. The earliest recorded motorhome within Australia was constructed in 1929 and it is now housed and mostly restored in the Goolwa Museum. Both the Australian National Motor Museum and the National Museum of Australia have recognized this vehicle as being Australia's for recreational vehicle.

During the latter part of the 1920s and the early part of the 1960s, many railway repair crews toiling in remote outback areas within South Australia resided in camper vans built by the government. Previously, these workers would have pitched tents to reside in while in places that will require them to work and live on-site. The campers had hard rubber tires on wooden wheels with ball bearings and were usually 20 feet, or approximately 6.1 metres. The style was that of a typical railway carriage but just a smaller.

Soon after the establishment of the auto industry within the United States, the contemporary recreational vehicle industry was developed. Of these first companies, Airstream was created and is still in business nowadays though the majority of them were small operations and are no longer working. During the early days of the RV, the majority of these vehicles were shorter than 30 feet, approximately 9 metres and thus, could be transported easily. Nevertheless, the 1950's saw a divergence from this design and mobile homes, as they are presently referred to, became a lot bigger and less mobile. This led to the development of a different industry which started to design self-contained RVs.

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The largest city within Alberta's southern area is Lethbridge. It is the third biggest city within the province after Calgary and Edmonton and the 4th largest population in the province. In 2004 to 2005, the city was called the "Cultural Capital of Canada," the city is home to various events and venues used for promoting the arts. The Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge is the biggest group which is committed to preserving the local arts. Southern Alberta Art Gallery houses contemporary and modern pieces of art; the Bowman Arts Centre has three galleries, and the University of Lethbridge Art gallery has contemporary exhibitions that include works from its many Europeans, American and Canadian art collections...