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Rent RV Lethbridge - Class B recreational vehicles, that are also commonly known as camper vans, are easily manageable and small. Size wise, they resemble a regular cargo van. This kind of RV offers several practical benefits over its larger counterparts like maneuverability, gas mileage and affordability. Even though it is quite a bit smaller compared to the other classes, a class B recreational vehicle still manages to offer features like a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities. Up to four people can be accommodated by this particular kind of RV, however it is best suitable for one to two campers.

Recreational vehicles are classified based on their size. The largest, and therefore most expensive, kind of motorhome on the market is a class A recreational vehicle. These are usually built on a bus body and are totally customizable. A class C RV is quite like a class B RV in that it is also based around a van body. However, it is somewhat a bit wider and usually sticks out over the driver's cab. A class B recreational vehicle is self-contained and small, with the ability to stick into a single parking space. It is barely taller compared to a typical size passenger van. There are other kinds of campers available, like the fifth-wheel size. These recreational vehicles are quite big and are designed to be towed behind another vehicle.

Introduced during the 1970's, the class B recreational vehicle quickly gained popularity throughout the globe. In 1972 alone, 23,000 class Bs were produced and distributed. Unlike the larger RV's already available, these small vehicles did not need a whole new set of driving skills. This type of RV handles a lot like a small car and consumes much less gasoline compared to its class A and C counterparts. Due to these facts, several prospective campers continue to select class B RV's as their preferred motorhomes.

Despite its small size, the class B RV is totally capable of storing all the comforts of home. Inside the vehicle's living area amenities like a stove, shower and toiler are all ingeniously stored. Normally, these vehicles have a higher than standard roof to allow campers to comfortably stand at their normal height. There are various ways to power appliances in a class B recreational vehicle, such as extra car battery, a solar storage battery or a propane tank. There are various ways of storing water and sewage. One way is for it to be stored within the vehicle inside tanks. The other way is by being hooked up at campgrounds or recreational vehicle parks. Depending on the camp, electricity may also be provided.

Although there are some benefits to having a class B recreational vehicle, its small size could also be a hindrance. Normally, the toilet is stored in the shower stall to help save space. Also, several amenities in most class B recreational vehicles should be collapsed and secured before traveling. This particular type of RV is best suited for singles and couples. The limited living area makes it difficult for larger families to travel comfortably.

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