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Lethbridge RV Sales - The RV van comes mostly in two types of design: the Class B van conversion, and the Class C mini-motorhome. The Class B van is just an upgraded van that features a fold-out bed, a sink, reclining seats, and usually a microwave oven. The class C styles are more purposely built, with a camper mounted upon a 1-ton van chassis. This particular type still retains the van cab where the passenger and drive sit. Both of these styles are usually constructed by aftermarket businesses which take the chassis from major auto manufacturers and mold them to meet their needs.

There are a wide range of motorhomes in each class to allow renters and buyers the ability to choose a model that fits in their budget and still suits all their requirements. The biggest and most pricey style of motorhome available is the class A, that looks like a big passenger bus. A recreational vehicle van is a lot simpler to drive around and is normally much cheaper then a class A, making it the preferred vehicle for many. Size wise. the dimensions of a class B motorhome are no bigger than that of a normal, everyday passenger van. Lots of individuals pick this type as it is much less intimidating to drive compared to a class A motorhome.

Although it may be difficult to differentiate a recreational vehicle van from a passenger van, one of the defining features is that a class B style has an extended roof. Normally made out of fiberglass, this extended roof allows one to move more comfortably in the vehicles interior. To make the RV van more efficient, it is common to incorporate a generating unit as well as a roof-mounted air conditioner. This prevents needing to have the engine of the van idling. It is rather common for these types of RV vans to come equipped with a plug-in receptacle so that campground power can be used.

The class C style of RV is a combination of a passenger van with a pull-behind camping trailer. These types are normally larger compared to the class B-type camper and are mounted upon a van chassis. They are also equipped with more features, like kitchen sink and commode, a bath or shower, a refrigerator, a range, and a microwave oven. Some people favor these to the class B type since it allows for more comfort, both while parked at a campsite and while driving.

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The largest city within Alberta's southern area is Lethbridge. It is the third biggest city within the province after Calgary and Edmonton and the 4th largest population in the province. In 2004 to 2005, the city was called the "Cultural Capital of Canada," the city is home to various events and venues used for promoting the arts. The Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge is the biggest group which is committed to preserving the local arts. Southern Alberta Art Gallery houses contemporary and modern pieces of art; the Bowman Arts Centre has three galleries, and the University of Lethbridge Art gallery has contemporary exhibitions that include works from its many Europeans, American and Canadian art collections...