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Motorhome Rental Lethbridge - There are several different types of motorized recreational vehicles, usually referred to as motorhomes or RVs, which are available. Two which are usually confused are the Class C and Class A motorhomes.

The easiest and quickest method to distinguish between a Class A and Class C RV is simply by their physical appearance. Class A motorhomes are characterized as having a "flat" or vertical front end and having big windows. They look like a bus in design. Class C RVs are more similar to a camper in design, with a "truck cab" with an over-cab bed.

When it comes to quality, Class A recreational vehicles are considered top of the line. Their length varies from 24 feet to 40 feet, however the ones that are smaller are normally rather difficult to find. Weight ranges anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 pounds and the undercarriage could be a 3-10 ton truck chassis or custom.

The Class A motorhome comes with every luxury like a kitchen, living room, and bathroom together with a shower and usually a bathtub. Depending on the floor plan, it can even have a separate bedroom in the back. running water, air conditioning, heating, an entertainment center, 100-125 volt electrical system and closets are normally found inside these sophisticated recreational vehicles. Some of these luxury RVs are more extravagant than the majority of homes!

Successful touring bands normally stay within Class A motorhomes due to their richness and comfort. The leather interiors, wet bars, big flat TVs and sophisticated sound system help to distract from the rigors of the road. Numerous retirees normally choose to live in a motorhome to facilitate travel as opposed to owning a house.

A Class A RV could support as much as 8 individuals, depending on the floor plan and RV type. These larger types could be quite costly. The prices vary from $50,000 for a new, lower-end kind to upwards of $300,000 for a nicer, larger model. Used, a Class A recreational vehicle still goes for $30,000 - $40,000. Luxury models start at roughly $325,000 and quickly go up to over $1 million for the finest, fully decked out luxury recreational vehicle.

There is more range in RV Class C recreational vehicles, with far more selection, with both luxurious models and economical models. They weigh less, weighing at 10,000-15,000 pounds. The length runs from 20-44 feet.

Though it depends on the model, Class C RVs are usually construction on cutaway chassis. Class C motorhomes have a fully functional bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, heating, and sometimes entertainment features.

Some kinds of Class C motorhomes have a dinette, which makes into a double bed. If a dinette is not present, it is commonly replaced by either two captains chairs or a couch and chairs. Depending upon the make, some couches may also be a sleeper couch.

One advantage of a Class C RV over a Class A recreational vehicle is that they could accommodate more people comfortably. Up to 10 individuals can sleep inside a Class C recreational vehicle, depending on the model. The price of a Class C varies, but is normally approximately $50,000 - $170,000.

Both Class C and Class A types could have a slide-out, depending on the make of the RV. The living area can expand up to several inches with just a press of a button.

An appropriate description of a Class B RV is a van conversion. These are normally much smaller and more cramped compared to both the Class A and Class C RVs. If you do not need a lot of space, a Class B recreational vehicle may be better because of their cheaper price tag and easy handling. The price of these RV's normally ranges from $38,000 - $75,000. These RV's are great for small families or couples, though advertising of these smaller recreational vehicles suggests that they could sleep 4 - 6 people.

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Motorhome Rentals Lethbridge

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